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Awsome History Book, I can honestly say that Susan Ronald has taken the legend of the blood diamond and transformed its legacy superbly into writing. This piece of sublime literature captures the full spectrum of emotions through graceful underlying sub-tones. I could not put this one down! Mike Gallacher

-- December 2, 2004 -- Customer Reviews: Mike Gallacher from London, England

This is a good history book! Wow! Ronald has succeeded in cutting a vast swathe through the turmoil of 600 years of European history in this book in the most fascinating way. The diamond illustrates beautifully the underlying theme of the power and greed that ruled the world, made and lost fortunes, and cost lives. The body count is high, accompanied by a strange curse that seems to cut down all who use the diamond for warfare, like Charles I of England. I was stunned by the amazing little kernels of knowledge that Ronald weaved into well known histories of famous rulers. It is a gem of a book for anyone interested in power, greed, royalty or the rich and famous. Ronald gets 5*s from me! James Moss

-- November 10, 2004 -- Customer Reviews: James Moss from London, England

Publisher's Weekly

Back when pepper was the king of spices and monarchs governed Europe, jewels ruled. The more precious gems a king or queen had, the greater the chances of mounting an army to seize land, power--and more gems. Ronald, a British historian, has gone on a treasure hunt to dig up every fact imaginable about the diamond's owners from the 14 th century to the present. those who bought, traded, stole or coveted the Sancy--among them Queen Elizabeth I, King Charles I and Louis XIV--were Europe's most powerful. As an introduction to mostly European history, this book is alternately enlightening and overwhelming. consider this a gem worth having in the library.

-- Publisher's Weekly August 2004 -- Susan Ronald , Wiley, $ 27.95 (352p) ISBN 0-471-43651-8

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